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People have many reasons to want a family photograph, a portrait of a child or a group portrait of your family. Most parents realise that the time they have with their children is precious but passes so quickly and your children may be at an age when they may leave the family home at any time. A family portrait of all of you together is a great way of keeping them at home forever.

Children get a new photograph taken at school every year, but when did you every hear about the photographer coming around to your home or meeting you at your favourite place to capture a full family portrait? When was the last time you had a photograph taken with your children? Remember, when your children are older the pictures they will value the most will be the ones with you in the picture!

It is often difficult to know what to buy our parents or grandparents when it comes to that special occasion. Nothing makes a more treasured gift than a portrait of your own family.

What makes PDH Images special is that our work is not done from a sterile studio which has no relation to you or your family. We come to your home or meet you in a favourite location. We bring all the high quality equipment that you would expect, but working in a familiar environment makes everyone much more comfortable and children, in particular, are much more at ease.

We allow about an hour and a half for a session, which allows time for breaks and individual portrait sessions with the kids. With all family sessions you have the option to have individual portraits of your children, a group of the children and a portrait of the parents together and any other combinations you may require. Lots of things can be tried, so we can be sure that we will capture the images that you will love.